A Musical: La Pérégrination vers l’Ouest

Produce: Yabin Studio Beijing Poly Arts and Entertainment Innovation Co., Ltd, French Embassy

Director & choregrapher: Yabin Wang

Directeur Musical: Laurent Petitgirard
Dramaturgy: Jing Wang
Lights & Scenography: Eric Soyer
Video: Mathieu Sanchez

Inspired by the famous literary work The Journey to the West by WU
Cheng’en, WANG Yabin’s choreographic show is based on the
main plots of the novel to explore them with language
contemporary choreography.
Published at the end of the 16th century, The Journey to the West is one of the four
great masterpieces of China and the most mythological novel
remarkable in the history of Chinese literature. It has been a long time
broadcast in many forms, television series, films
cinematographic works, plays, animated films, operas, etc.
Against a background of Western symphonic music mixed with dance
diverse and ethnic China, we will adapt this classic masterpiece
Chinese in an intercultural interpretation. The artistic team works
to create a show that combines two aesthetic traditions – Asian
and Western, through modern artistic forms of spectacle